Apple MacBook Pro News And Updates: Reports Of MacBook Pro Battery Issues Growing

Apple took the tech world by storm when it introduced the new MacBook Pro last October but this early, some people are already noticing issues with its battery life.

A month or so after the unveiling, review after review of the Mac has been piling up and not all of them were positive.

One possible cause of concern for potential 2016 MacBook pro buyers is the news that the latest Apple device is having some battery problems.

Apple has claimed that the 2016 MacBook Pro has a battery life of up to ten hours. Some people who have tested the new Apple device beg to disagree.

A Business Insider reporter said the 13-inch MacBook Pro he tested only lasted for eight hours and that was with the screen level set to a lower level. When he used it with a higher brightness level, the device lost juice after just six hours.

Another reporter, this time from The Verge, claims his MacBook Pro only lasted for five or six hours.

Over at Mac Rumors, a number of forum members have also expressed their disappointment with Mac's short battery life.

SRTM said, "Currently I'm powering a 1080p external monitor and casually browsing with Chrome. At full charge, I'm getting an estimate of 3 hours battery life. With gaming, it's even less."

Another forum member named Scott claims the battery life suddenly dropped from 10 percent to 5 percent in just 12 minutes. Similar claims by other forum members have been made on his post.

The new laptop was met with mixed emotions. While many were delighted to finally see an updated MacBook, not a few were scratching their heads with the changes that Apple made with it.

Apple Marketing VP Phil Schiller even went on record to defend the changes and insist that the new features did not affect its projected sales.

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