Final Fantasy XV Has The The Worst Level In Final Fantasy History

By Gen Que , Dec 10, 2016 04:20 AM EST

Final Fantasy XV has the worst level in the whole history of all Final Fantasy titles. The chapter in question is none other than Chapter 13 or the final chapter of the game.

After playing through FF15, players found themselves disappointed, annoyed, and lost when they reached the last chapter of the game. It felt like a betrayal making them feel Hajime Tabata and team ran out of any ideas and left the game just like that.

For those who haven't finished playing Final Fantasy XV yet, there are spoilers ahead. Most of Chapter 13 happened in the maze where Noctis found himself alone, without friend, powers, and anything. Even his combat abilities were gone and he can't warp, use magic, or change his costumes. Aside from that, he is tripped in a maze of darkened concrete and steel.

In one moment, the lighthearted quality of Final Fantasy 15 was suddenly gone and in its place is a dark mood filled with fear and desperation. And that mood even seemed to last forever as you find yourself going through what seems a winding and repetitive maze again and again.

The FFXV narrative suddenly becomes disjointed and does not seem to make any sense. It does not even make sense as no one shows up to help you fight against the enemies.

However, what seemed to be the worst Final Fantasy chapter makes it the most ingenious of all. Some call it an anti-design, where a game section seemed out of place and so bad by any standard that it elicits very strong emotions. Perhaps, this is the goal Tabata and his team meant to accomplish without giving anything away.

The Final Fantasy XV level might not be considered good design but it is interesting. In fact, the most interesting design does not necessarily evoke good feelings. Rather, they make people uncomfortable by compelling them to think much more deeply.

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