Pokemon GO Gen 2 Coming; Trainers Prepare For Niantic's Biggest Update

Pokemon Go Gen 2 is said to come out Dec. 12, 2016. If this rumor is true, trainers can expect a hundred more new Pokemon joining as well as the other features in the game.

Pokemon GO Gen 2 Details

The Pokemon GO Gen 2 update will increase the current Pokedex by a hundred more. In addition to the old ones, players will soon have a Tyranitar, Esperion and Kingdra to name a few. There have been earlier reports that Niantic Labs has been adding the new Pokemons in the recent APK 0.49.1 update. Some of that update involved the inclusion of Pokemon Gen 2 genders and voices. There are also reports that Baby and Shiny Pokemon are also coming to the game.

Pokemon GO Gen 2 Doubters

There have been doubts if the Pokemon GO Gen 2 is coming to the mobile game. Doubters also point out that the data miners have failed to uncover any new moves. This is crucial since some of the new Pokemon have unique move sets. This may also indicate that not all of the upcoming Pokemon are coming at once. This is possible since Ditto was only added after the developer was ready with its move sets. Trainers will still be happy as long as the majority of the Pokemon GO Gen 2 are there.

Pokemon GO Gen 2 backgrounds were also discovered. Data miners have accounted for all the backgrounds except for the Dark and Steel types. It's possible that the developer will continue to release the Dark and Steel Pokemon types. Niantic can choose a different background or delay their release until the Dark and Steel background is ready.

Niantic Block Pokemon GO Data Miners

The developer has also pre-empted data miners by removing the Pokemon sprites from the client's side. New 3D models replaced the Old Pokemon GO images. The developer has also placed them inside its servers. Niantic's decision has therefore prevented data miners from collecting any additional Pokemon GO Gen 2 information.

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