Mass Effect Andromeda News, Update: Squadmates To Be Available Only As DLC?

Mass Effect Andromeda may not include squad members at launch, although BioWare has confirmed their plans to introduce them to the game by means of future DLCs. Players would appreciate it, though, that the squad will be available at once and not piece by piece.

Why Is Bioware Planning To Include New Squad Members In Mass Effect Andromeda?

According to Eurogamer, BioWare wants to delay the release of the new squad members in Mass Effect Andromeda. This was first taken to mean that the launch version will run with missing central characters, which is inexcusable for any game. Should it hit the early 2017 release window, it should be launched with the full roster of protagonists.

However, it is explained that BioWare wants to introduce new characters in Mass Effect Andromeda that are more useful after the main storyline, as per Gaming Bolt. The developer wants the players to focus exploring the Andromeda galaxy first before they add new characters in the game.

It is yet unknown how BioWare plans to introduce new characters and if they will improve the gameplay. But fans can be sure that they can expect them to come before a Mass Effect Andromeda sequel comes along.

Other Details About Mass Effect Andromeda

The players are still skeptical about the release date of Mass Effect Andromeda. BioWare has only ever announced that it will be available in spring 2017. Seeing that the season is coming soon and the devs have not yet announced a concrete launch date, players are getting worried that they might not hit the target.

According to Mic, Mass Effect Andromeda will revolve on Nexus. The players should expect that the game is about space diplomacy and cultural exploration. The game has different races to be introduced as soon as it is available in the market.

Mass Effect Andromeda fans are baffled but overall optimistic with what they have read about the new details released by BioWare. They are excited to discover the Andromeda galaxy while learning about the new world they will soon be talking about.

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