Shigeru Miyamoto Explains Why Super Mario Run Should Be Played Online

By Jonna Marcaida Calagui , Dec 12, 2016 12:00 PM EST

Nintendo's Super Mario Run as a debut mobile game is almost perfect. But with the requirement of an Internet connection whenever gamers wish to play the game might have been its biggest downside. Shigeru Miyamoto, Nintendo's designer, explains why an Internet connection is important for the game and why players of Super Mario Run should not look at it as a negative.

Super Mario Run On Mobile

Compared to the classic Mario game that Nintendo is well-known for, Super Mario Run incorporates the classic spices of the Mario games. The only difference is that it comes with the convenience of a one-handed gaming for mobile use. The new Mario game available on mobile comes with boss battles, Koopa Troopers, Goombas, mushrooms and collectible coins with different colors.  The only problem? Super Mario Run needs a consistent online connection for players to be able to play it.

Nintendo's Decision Is Based On Keeping Their Software Secure

As a portable mobile game, Super Mario Run should be played even in offline mode or else it will not serve its purpose being a portable game. So why the insistence of an online connection? Miyamoto explains that it's all about "security."

In an interview, Miyamoto shared some of their thoughts about Super Mario Run having an offline mode. He also explained that their biggest reason for running the game on iOS first and requiring an online connection is the security element of the game. Miyamoto further explained that Nintendo considers their software as a very important asset. It's not always the case but making their newest mobile game available online makes it more secure against threats of piracy, especially for the millions of users in 150 countries where they will launch Super Mario Run.

Game Modes Will Not Work In An Offline Game

Besides, making the game available offline will pose several problems for other game modes. In short, seeing an offline version of Nintendo's new mobile game may not be possible anytime soon - or it may not even come at all. Super Mario Run will be launched first on iOS devices this Dec. 15. An Android version of the game will follow some time later in 2017.

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