Nintendo Switch Exclusive RPG 'Seasons Of Heaven' Leaked; Full Reveal Coming This December 2016?

Trusted insider Laura Kate Dale has revealed another tidbit with the upcoming Nintendo Switch console. This time, the reveal is all about a Switch-exclusive RPG entitled Seasons of Heaven, which is said to be based on the French book of the same name. From the looks of it, the new title is all but ready for release on the Switch.

The New Switch Game Revealed

The buzz regarding the new Nintendo Switch title started when Dale teased an announcement via Twitter regarding a "Switch exclusive" game complete with a photo of the rumored Seasons of Heaven. Her post also hinted of a complete gameplay trailer that is all ready for release. Of course, Reddit users did not wait too long to share the image. Other evidences by means of Facebook posts and other tweets also pointed to Seasons of Heaven really coming to Nintendo's console.

Seasons Of Heaven: A First Look

Thanks to well-informed gamers who joined the thread on Reddit, players who anticipate the release of the RPG exclusive on the Nintendo Switch now have a pretty good idea of what the game is. Seasons of Heaven, with French title Saisons du Paradis or Seasons of Paradise when translated, will be developed by Any Arts Production. The developer even stated that the development of the new Switch title is no secret at all since they already have a dev kit available for the Switch.

Seasons Of Heaven's Storyline

As mentioned earlier, Seasons of Heaven will be based on the book of the same title. This also means that the video game will follow the theme of a great purge amidst a stripped and barren earth. According to one source, the story of Seasons of Heaven will open up players' imagination and keep them thinking about possibilities. The title will also bring gamers to question humanity as they see the dark side of the human race and at the same time discover magical places. If rumors prove true, then the upcoming title would be one of Switch's best RPGs to look forward to. As a confirmed game, the full reveal of the Seasons of Heaven is likely to be unveiled in the coming days until its official release.

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