Watch Dogs 2 Not Going Live Tomorrow; New PS4, Xbox One, PC Launches Revealed

PlayStation 4 Watch Dogs 2 is slated to receive new content but reports confirm that the release may be delayed. Apparently, several platforms may get the game as far back as 2017 while the PlayStation 4 may get new content before the year ends. In the meantime, over 50 million PlayStation 4 units have reportedly been sold in the market outselling the Xbox One console, among others.

It has been revealed that the PlayStation version of the sequel of Watch Dogs has been pushed back to a Dec. 22, 2016 release date. On the other hand, other gaming platforms such as the Xbox One and PC may get the game sequel DLC on Jan. 24, 2017. The DLC is expected to be the first ever content to be added to the sequel since it was launched.

The T-Bone Content Bundle DLC is expected to be delayed on the PlayStation 4 but may not be seen live on the PlayStation Store this week. A wider release on all gaming platforms is expected in a span of 30 days. Apparently, Ubisoft has cited diversion of development resources in the title's multiplayer component.

It has further been noted that the PlayStation 4 DLC may already have fixed the several teething issues in the game. Moreover, new outfit to the fan favorite character is also expected. In addition, a new Mayhem co-op challenge and the Grenadier enemy type may be included as well.

In other news, the Sony console PlayStation 4 original reportedly surpassed Xbox One Sales with 50 million units. The console reportedly increased in sales last month after the 4K PlayStation 4 Pro was launched. In addition, note that 122 countries are selling the PlayStation console worldwide.

PlayStation 4 previously sold 40 million units back in May. Hence, the console was noted to have increased sales in a faster span of time due to several price reduced PlayStation 4 Deals including Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Thanksgiving. The holidays are expected to pack more deals to further boost PlayStation 4 sales.Watch the Watch Dogs 2 on PS4 here:

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