New Clash Royale Update Reveals Exciting New Buffs; Balloons, Tornado, Elite Barbarians And More!

Supercell has officially announced the upcoming December update which would shake the current meta and make the new cards even more appealing in your decks. Today, we're going to discuss all of the balance changes which are set to launch this coming December 15th.

Clash Royale December 15 Balance Changes

According to the official blog of Clash Royale, the main reason for these changes stems from the pick rate as well as win rate of each cards - to which they wanted to address by making monthly updates starting from 2017 in order to create a healthier competition and more fun experience. And so for starters, they're buffing the latest set of cards.

Elite Barbarians: HP increased by 19%, Damage increased by 14%, Hit Speed increased to 1.4 sec (from 1.5sec)

Supercell isn't lying about making the Elite Barbarians more Elite as they're buffing forefathers of the barbs even more! With their new damage increase, they can now 1 shot several swarm troops including goblins, archers, etc. It's now definitely worth picking!

Tornado: Radius increased by 10%, improved pulling power

Tornado has been underwhelming lately but with this new upgrade, we may be seeing more and more Tornado decks soon!

Inferno Dragon: HP increased by 5%, re-targets 0.4sec quicker

According to Supercell, Inferno Dragon's pick rate is severely underwhelming and thus, they're hoping that the new tweaks will make the card hotter in the meta.

Balloon: Death Damage increased by 105%, Death Damage explosion radius up by 50%

Now these changes are massive considering that Balloon's bomb already deals insane amount of damage to the enemy Tower. This upgrade would almost wipe out the enemy troops trying to defend against the air unit. It's now feels like a golem exploding!

Giant Skeleton: Damage increased by 8%

With the new clone spell + this buff, we can definitely see this combo in the lower Arenas even in the top tiers soon! Two Giant skelly bombs can obliterate your enemy's tower in an instant!

Wizard: Hit Speed increased to 1.4 sec (from 1.6 sec), initial attack comes slower by 0.2 sec

The hit speed buff will outweigh the nerf on the initial attack and overall, the card would be viable in the arenas although with the upcoming release of Electro Wizard, this card would still be underused and would only be picked as an alternative.

Bomber: Damage increased by 4%

The damage increase would enable the bomber to one-shot archers which can be appealing in some decks.

Lumberjack: HP increased by 6%

The downside for Lumberjack is its low HP pool. With the new buff, we may be seeing more and more of Lumberjack decks soon!

Mortar: Boulder explosion radius up by 11%

The damage of Mortar is already huge and increasing its radius would significantly improve the pick rate of this card, hopefully.

Mirror: Level 8 Mirror will create Max level +1 cards

According to Supercell, they're reverting to this temporary fix.

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