Clash Royale Guide: Best Cards To Clone

The Clone Spell is the new card in Clash Royale and today, we're going to discuss the best cards to clone in order to maximize its 3-Elixir cost and effectively obliterate your opponent and hopefully earn you a crown.

Clash Royale Guide: Best Cards to Clone

This guide will be in continuation to our Clash Royale Clone Guide which explains the hidden strengths of the cards as well as providing advance tips and tricks for the card including the famous "Clone Dodge." Now, back to the topic, it's important to remember that despite the drawback of having 1 HP cloned troops, you can effectively make positive Elixir trades using this card with proper unit placement and strategy. Because of this, we shall refer the "best cards" as those that can either demolish your opponent's Towers or make a huge effective Elixir trades. Now that we're clear, let's move to the actual cards:

Giant Skeleton - Due to the Giant Skeleton's Bomb, you can effectively destroy massive push or even a Tower with the use of the Clone spell. Always remember that the Clone spell will serve as your Winning Condition which means that you'd chain it in a combo to effectively win you a crown.

Witch - Witch is an amazing card to clone as the cloned troop will also raise skeletons (all 1 HP) which can effective deal against a heavy push or can set up for a great counter push on your opponent's other lane.

Hog and Balloon - If you've read our Clone Guide, you can see how effective Ballons and Hogs are when cloned as the clone spell can effectively reset the pathing of the siege troops which is now called as the "clone dodge." Basically, if your opponent deploys a defensive building (e.g. Inferno Tower, Tombstone), you can easily drop the clone spell to reset its target and thus keeping the Ballons and Hogs on track to your opponent's tower while the cloned troops will be redirected to the defensive building, sacrificing them in the process.

Lava Hound - Another great tank to clone is the Lava Hound . By cloning the Lava Hound, you will double the threat of its Lava pups to your opponent's tower, making him use of the Zap or spells which will open up the way for your supporting low Elixir-cost swarm troops.

Dark Prince and Guards - Orange Juice effectively demonstrated the power of Clone spell by making full use of units with shields such as Dark Prince and Guards. As shown in the video down below, both Dark Prince and Guards are capable of surviving direct damage from spells and abilities like Zap/Arrows/Log and even the death AoE damage of Ice Golem.

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