Monkey King Guide: What Skills To Upgrade And What Items To Buy

Monkey King, the latest Dota 2 hero who made his debut in the 7.00 update has gained popularity and now became the most picked heroes in the game. Despite being countered by a handful of other heroes, he is still very overpowered in this meta. You can read this guide if you are one of those who want to stand out in your games as Monkey King.

Monkey King Skill Build. During the early stages of the game, prioritize your Boundless Strike and Jingu Mastery. You don't need Tree Dance that much since enemy heroes are busy farming during that phase of the game. You only need to add one charge of Tree Dance for escape purposes in case the enemy heroes have ganking potential.

Monkey King Item Build. The current most famous items for Monkey King are Phase Boots and Echo Sabre during early stages followed by Desolator and Vanguard. You can always purchase other items though based on the situation. Shadow Blade or Linken's Sphere is also an option for additional escape proficiency. Late game Monkey King usually goes Abyssal Blade, Manta Style, Monkey King Bar, and Daedalus, similar to other Agility heroes in the game.

Other Monkey King Tips. Monkey King is an elusive hero. However, he comes in with a downside; which is having a relatively low armor and low health making him susceptible to early game teamfights. So, while in the early phases of the game, focus on farming and get the items he need to survive. His Boundless Strike is very overpowered with its 200 percent critical strike multiplier. It also comes in with a stun and true strike, so max that out then farm more damage dealing items. You can also use this ability while on top of a tree.

One last tip, in the very start of the game where you have a very slow 305 movement speed, it is way better to disguise yourself into a courier. Being a courier makes you walk with 350 speed, and transformation does not require mana. Be careful in picking Monkey King though because he is easily counterpicked.

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