Things You Need To Know Before Playing Monkey King

Dota 2 7.00 will be live sometime today, bringing out a new hero - Sun Wukong, the Monkey King. Before spamming out Monkey King in your pub games, there are things you need to know. These will help you improve your games and prevent yourself from performing badly with the new hero you are not familiar with.

Monkey King Abilities

Boundless Strike. This is an active ability that allows Monkey King to slam his staff against the ground, dealing damage to the enemies based on his attack damage. This also stuns the enemies up to two seconds and also deals 200% critical damage.

Tree Dance. The bread and butter of Monkey King, an ability that lets him jump onto the trees and activates another leap attack ability called Primal Spring. You have to bear in mind though that whenever the tree is destroyed, MK will fall to the ground and get stunned for four seconds. When you're using this ability for escape, be sure to not get hit by an enemy since it will prevent you from Tree Dancing for three seconds.

Jingu Mastery. This is a passive ability that gives him bonus damage everytime Monkey King hits the same enemy four times. This has four charges and also deals bonus lifesteal. So when you're around more than one enemy, it's better to hit one of them for four times than alternately hitting them.

Mischief. Monkey King unlocks one level of Mischief and doesn't need to be leveled up. If you cast near a tree, it will transform you into a tree. If you cast near the rune spot, it'll transform you into a rune. If you cast near the Roshpit, you'll transform into an Aegis of Immortal. Anywhere else in the map, you'll transform into one of the few in-game items. You can move and walk around while in disguise, however, it breaks when interacted.

Monkey King Weaknesses And Counterpicks

If you are planning to pick Monkey King during the picking stage, you might want to reconsider once the enemy has already picked heroes that have the ability to cut down trees mainly Timbersaw and Batrider. Also, watch out for disablers and silencers like Shadow Shaman and Lion. Heroes that deal damage over time is also not good against Monkey Kings most especially Venomancer. To know more about Monkey King counter picks, you can read our guide here.

Monkey King Build

Monkey King has a similar build to other Agility heroes like Juggernaut and Riki. Phase Boots for catching up opponents and additional damage, Diffusal Blade for bonus agility points and can be a proc attack modifier for his ultimate ability. Late game items should be Abyssal Blade and Butterfly. If having a hard time with Monkey King, you can always purchase a Silver Edge. Read more about Dota 2 7.00 new hero Monkey King in the official Dota 2 site.

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