Apple AirPods Limited Sale For December: Quick Review

When the Apple AirPods were first announced, tech enthusiasts believe that this is the missing puzzle piece for the iPhone 7's "no headphone jack design." Though it was warmly welcomed by the public and was expected to be available right away, the device faced so many delays and was believed to be available next year instead. But now, the Apple AirPods are up for grabs.

Apple Airpods Are Now Available

According to the source, the Airpods are now available on Apple's online store for only $159, but with limited stocks. Just one hour after it being posted at Apple's online store, the product is no longer available for Christmas delivery. Even at eBay, people are already planning to sell their AirPods at an inflated price. But don't worry, the AirPods will soon be available in Apple retail stores by next week.

What You Should Know About The AirPods

At first glance, the Apple AirPods looks like standard EarPods. What makes this earpiece special is that it is a "truly-wireless" headphone, meaning there are no connecting wires at all. Each earbud has its own battery and antenna and they communicate independently.

About its battery performance, you're going to love them even more. Each earbud has its own battery and can last up to 5 hours of play time. The device also comes in with a carrying case that charges the AirPods on go - that makes the total battery life last of up to 24 hours.

The AirPods have a smart function. The device is equipped with proximity sensors that are capable of knowing when it's being placed into or taken out of an ear, allowing the music to be paused automatically when removed. Though the device has no physical buttons, the user can double tap the stalks to activate Siri with the use of the integrated microphone.

And lastly, the AirPods features W1 technology. This technology allows the AirPod to seamlessly pair with iPhones, Apple Watches, and iPad devices. The pairing configuration is automatically synced over iCloud which enables the Apple devices to detect the AirPods. Also, the device uses standard Bluetooth protocols to communicate with Apple devices.

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