Reasons Why The iPhone Running iOS 10.2 Is Cool (or not?)

Face Palm Emoji
A photo of the Face Palm emoji Photo : Clevver News/YouTube

Oh, the iPhone. It's one of the most or should I say the number one trending topic right now, specifically about the iPhone 8's specs and features. But have you heard about the cool new features of the iOS 10.2?

I was browsing aimlessly for topics regarding the iPhone, because I wanted to write about what cool features does the iPhone 7 Plus has or if there are any new iPhone 8 rumors that I can twist and make it seem relevant (not that I'm trying to trick you). Luckily, I saw this article posted at BGR about "best new iPhone features in iOS 10.2" and I really liked it. So, here is my opinion about the best iPhone features on iOS 10.2:

Cool Emojis

According to the article, one of the best new features is the flood of new Emojis. I personally love emojis, because I am quite an expressive person myself. And if you get to talk to me in person, you will notice that I do a lot of hand gestures and slight touches if I really enjoy the person whom I'm talking to regardless of the gender. Well, for people that are quite expressive, you're really going to love the new set of Emojis featured in the iPhones. My favorites are the Lying Face emoji, Face Palm emoji, and Drooling Face emoji.

Cool TV App

One of the best new features is the TV app. The new TV app pulls in listings from all your favorite movie and TV show streaming devices. On the app, once you select a movie or TV show, it will automatically open the appropriate app so you can start streaming on demand.

Now, this sounds really great, right? But according to the source, it doesn't feature Netflix. Another thing which I bet is in your mind also. Is the "streaming on demand" shows and movies for free? Let's face it, there are a lot of forbidden apps out there that features free TV shows and movies.

Cool Screen Effects In Messages

One of the best new features is the added screen effects. Yeah, we all know that screen effects are not really that popular. But apparently, this is one of the best new features for iPhones.

There are two new screen effects. One is the Love screen effect which inflates a big heart that is attached to the message you send. The other is the Celebration screen effect that fills the screen with sparkles joined by haptic vibrations.

Cool Single Sign-on

Now this answers my TV app's question earlier. Call me cheap, but I'm not that rich to spend my hard-earned money on TV subscriptions when I know there are apps and websites out there that offer free TV shows and movies. Anyway, this "cool" feature lets the user automatically log-in their accounts on all their paid TV services instead of having to log-in their username and password each time they open the apps supported by the iPhone's new feature.

Cool New Wallpapers

Another cool new feature is the new wallpapers. Sadly, these cool new wallpapers are not available on all devices. About whether it will be free or not, it didn't say. But then again, I highly doubt it that it will be free - well, some of them.

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