'Arrow' Season 5 Spoilers: Crossover With Supernatural Probable

Arrow Season 5 right now is having a great time when it comes to their ratings. The producers of the TV series was able to maintain their grasp at the ratings battle and they want to hold on their numbers until the season ends.

Arrow Season 5 Spoilers

There are a lot of things going on right now with the series. There are some plots that you need to double check because it is related with the season finale. There are also some drawbacks, heartaches and comebacks. The show was able to at least provide us an insight on each character and their agenda. We saw multiple characters comeback and the most shocking one would be Laurel, the Black Canary. Slade Joseph Wilson or Deathstroke also returned and vowed to finish his business with Oliver.

Oliver Queen And The Ruthless Prometheus

If we can sum up the season right now, it will only revolve between two characters, Oliver Queen and Prometheus. Ever since Prometheus arrived, nothings going right with Oliver Queen. The cold-blooded villain is not someone to mess around with. Time and time again, he demonstrated on why, he is the most evil villain in the series. No disrespect to Deathstroke as he is the original villain in the series but Prometheus is something else.

With the help of Artemis(we didn’t see that coming), Prometheus has the advantage against Oliver Queen. He already knows the whereabouts of his team. He just made an example out of Curtis and he won’t stop there. Prometheus identity is still unidentified. We have a lot of hints and guess on who Prometheus is but they are proving us wrong every time we drop names.

Arrow And Supernatural Crossover

After the biggest crossover in the TV series history, Arrow wants to crossover with Supernatural. This is the buzz right now and the main characters of both series are thrilled already with the idea. Stephen Amell was asked on how he would feel about the crossover, “God, I hope so, before it's done. I'll take a day rate, walk on. As long as I'm murdered – horribly – preferably not by Mischa [Collins], but by one of you two [Jared Padalecki or Jensen Ackles]."
Hopefully both producers of the show will take the idea seriously. What could go wrong with Supernatural and Arrow in one show?

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