'Arrow' Season 5 Spoilers, Oliver Queen Looks To Revive Laurel, Flashpoint Revisited

After the massive TV series crossover and their 100th episode, Arrow Season 5 has still a lot of things to offer. The CW Original series is going all in and there’s another character returning.

Oliver Queen Stunned With Laurel’s Resurrection

If you were able to follow season 4(which I assume you did), we saw Laurel died in the hands of Damien. She was stabbed mercilessly by Damien, who have regained its power. Oliver rushed Laurel to the hospital and but it was too late. Before she died, she was able to talk to his teammates and said their goodbyes. John and Oliver was extremely hurt with what had happened. John was upset and blaming himself with the incident. They mourned her death and on her gravestone, Black Canary was engraved.

However, in a stunning sequence, Dinah Laurel Lance(based on DC comics) appeared in season 5 fighting side by side with her teammates. Oliver Queen was at awe when he first saw Laurel and he can’t believe what he’s seeing. There are no traces or evidences yet on how Laurel was able to survive Damien’s attack. There were some speculations that she staged her death just to spy on their enemies.

Arrow Season 5 Midseason Finale

We are just a few weeks away before Arrow Series will be ending. The producers are doing their very best to keep the show entertaining. As per the recent TV ratings review, Arrow did regain its popularity. They were able to jump a higher spot on the list and they are happy with it. The remaining episodes as discussed consist of a lot of cliffhangers. One reddit user mentioned that flashpoint will be revisited and another ally from the team will betray Oliver Queen because of Felicity? Those are just a few spoilers that was provided by the well known reddit user. Be sure to catch the latest episode of Arrow on CW every week.

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