Pokemon Sun And Moon: ALL QR Codes For Island Scanner

By Gen Que , Dec 14, 2016 04:40 AM EST

One of the most popular features in Pokemon Sun and Moon is the QR code which allows players to spawn rare Pokemon. Aside from this, this QR system also has another advantage: the Island Scanner.

The Island Scan feature becomes available when the players are able to successfully complete 10 QR scans. This scan enables you to find and spawn a rare Pokemon that is native only to the island where you are currently running the scan. That means you cannot find that Pokemon in other regions of Alola.

However, there's a hitch to that. You are only allowed to scan 10 QR codes every day. After 10 QR scans, you get an Island Scan, which means you will only be given one attempt every day to use this to catch that rare Pokemon. Therefore, you have to be very careful when you use this or you will miss your chance.

You also need to remember that the Pokemon you will find for the first time might be a low-level one but as your level progresses, so does the Pokemon you find. Also, when you do the Island Scan, the Pokemon will not spawn repeatedly in that island. Instead, you will be given one hour to find that rare Pokemon.

Those who are asking whether they can bank the QR codes and make a scan at one go, this is not possible in Pokemon Sun and Moon. You stop gaining points after you earn 100 points. Therefore, it is recommended that you scan right away after you earn an Island Scan.

Meanwhile, here's the link if you are looking for all the QR codes of Gen 7 Pokemon. Some of the Pokemon you'll find here are Decidueye, Rowlett, Incineroar, Datrix, and Popplio.

If you want to download the complete National Dex gender and shiny specific QR codes, here's the download link.

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