Twitter Live Video Streaming Is Now Possible With Or Without Periscope App

By Kriselle , Dec 14, 2016 05:01 PM EST

Twitter has recently added a new feature that allows people to share live video streaming straight from the application. Now, people can post real-time stories about anything under the sun with or without a Periscope account.

Easier and Faster Live Video Streaming For All Twitter Users

Two days after Instagram's release of its newest live video streaming update to U.S users and Facebook 360 Live feature announcement, Twitter followed with the ongoing trend. This added functionality within the application is said to make video sharing a seamless process. No longer do users need to download a separate app, which is the Periscope, to stream live.

How Do This Live Video Streaming Works?

To start a real-time video streaming, users just have to compose a tweet and tap the "Live" button. A pre-broadcast screen will then pop up where they can frame up first before they go live. According to Cnet, this feature is also similar Periscope. Followers can see the live broadcast, post a comment, and send their hearts or likes at the same time.

What Then Will Happen To Periscope?

Twitter acquired Periscope and launched in 2015 to make up for the competition with other rival social networks. As of March of 2016, this popular live streaming application said that Periscope users already created more than 200 million live broadcasts. With Twitter's attempt to upgrade the social media experience, many have raised questions about Periscope's future. Although Twitter has explained it on their official blog site that the partnership is still ongoing. In fact, the feature is powered by Periscope, letting users from both applications to join and participate during a broadcast.

Twitter has been experimenting for years to make the interface more interactive and user-friendly. Before, people are just limited to type a 140-character tweet. With these newest improvements on the social network, everyone can enjoy more broadcasting a live event or even random moments to all their followers. According to BBC Newsbeat, the update will be available for many Android and iOS devices in the next few days across the world.

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