Top Best-Looking Smartphones Of 2016

Xiaomi Mi 5 Review - Gim"MI" 5!
My full review of the Xiaomi Mi5 after using it as my primary device for 7 days. Photo : C4ETech/YouTube

There has been a lot of smartphones that were released this year, characterized by several specs and features that generated mixed opinions from the customers. While some of these ended up being strongly criticized, there were others that people endorsed. However, the design issue was the field in which many mobile devices didn't succeed, and only few of them meet expectations. Here are the best-looking smartphones we saw this year.

Best-Looking Smartphones Of 2016: Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

It´s an undeniable fact that everyone will remember Samsung´s year as the worst moment in its history because of the Galaxy Note 7, a mobile device that was meant to be a huge success ended up failing miserably when it turned into a real threat to customers' lives because of the explosions.

Although this was something that overshadowed the rest of the smartphones that were released this year by the South Korean company, the truth is that many of these have been incredible not only because of the battery life or the camera quality but also because the amazing design that makes it some of the best-looking smartphones of 2016.

In this feature, the most important Samsung´s phone is definitely the Galaxy S7 Edge, which flaunts a metal unibody design and a premium looking glass that makes it look like something out of this world. This smartphone have a 5.5-inch Quad HD display that is beautified by a dual-curved aesthetic, and sheltered by a Gorilla Glass 4 protection.

Also, one of the most important details about the Galaxy S7 Edge is the fact that its structure is mesmerizing, since the front is dominated by the home button with its fingerprint sensor integrate, and it´s flanked by multi-tasking buttons and capacitive back. This is definitely one of best-looking smartphones that were released this year.

Best-Looking Smartphones Of 2016: Xiaomi Mi 5

This is one of the best-looking smartphones of 2016 without any kind of doubt, even when it´s not precisely the most famous brand in America. In fact, this is also a mobile device that offers great specs and features with an affordable price, but in this case, we´re not going to talk about its magnificent 3,000mAh battery or its Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor.

Instead, the main focus will be in its design, which is the feature where Xiaomi has put in its best efforts, and actually gained the best results possible, considering that this is a flagship that is way more good-looking that most of the smartphones that you can find right now. It was a huge bet where the company excelled its expectations.

This is a beautiful mobile device that has curved sides without losing its lightweight condition, which makes it extremely easy to grip. Its premium look includes a physical home button with an integrated fingerprint scanner just below the display, and the incredible fact that it´s a non-slippery smartphone even when it has a glass back.

Best-Looking Smartphones Of 2016: Panasonic Eluga Arc

This is probably the most unusual case, given the fact that the Panasonic Eluga Arc ended up being a huge disappointment for smartphones users since this mobile device had some weak features compared with other products of its kind. I´m talking about an 8MP camera module, just 1800mAh battery, just 2GB RAM and a 1.2GHz quad-core QUALCOMM Snapdragon 410 processor.

However, even when the Panasonic Eluga Arc cannot compete in the major leagues -its price doesn't help at all- this is definitely one of the best-looking smartphones in 2016, which is something very rare in a phone that has been so criticized as this one. Nevertheless, you have to be blind to not see the beauty of it.

The Eluga Arcas has a sleek design and a gold finish that makes it pleasant to everyone´s eyes, and have curved edges that not only make it more attractive but also quite comfortable to hold. This mobile device sports a compact form factor and its screen has a 2.5D curved design that makes it look like one of best-looking smartphones in 2016, and one of the most beautiful mobile devices you´ll ever see.

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