Galaxy Note 7 Owners Wil Not Get Any Additional Compensation From Samsung

Samsung Electronics have reject any possibility of giving an extra compensation to what it has already given to the Galaxy Note 7 owners, after a class-action lawsuit that was filed by 2,400 customers in South Korean, that included some cases of users that suffered delicate physical damage because of the Note 7 explosions, including respiratory diseases and burns in different parts of the body.

Samsung´s Compensations And Benefits To The Note 7 Owners

According to the International Business Times, Samsung explained through a reply submitted to the court the last week, that the company have given enough benefits and compensations to the Note 7 owners, and the damage that they are claiming are within the range that is considered endurable.

Also, the South Korean giant said that it already gave $86 mobile coupons t the Note 7 owners, as the chance of buying the unreleased Galaxy S8, in addition to the option of replacing the faulty devices with a Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge, with the additional benefit of getting the price difference in cash.

Note 7 Owners Demands For A Better Compensation

Of course the response have created a lot of controversy, giving the harmful impact that the flagship´s fiasco had, and the fact that many Note 7 owners that filed the lawsuit think that all of these Samsung´s benefits and compensations are not enough, considering that it can´t be compared with the troubles caused by the smartphone. Apparently, these consumers want another compensation for the psychological anguish and fear while using this product, in addition to the time spent in replacing it.

Naturally, this is a difficult situation that still harms Samsung´s imagine after the company decided to recall the failed flagship which was one of the worst moments in its history, and the collateral damages were so rough that even affected the South Korean economy. According to Tech Republic, although what is happening with the Note 7 owners could complicate things even more for Samsung, many customers still trust in its products and would give the company a second chance next year.

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