Goodbye Privacy, Evernote's New Privacy Policy Allows Employees To Read Your Notes

Many news said that Evernote's new privacy policy is turning heads and users away. Evernote announced that it will roll out a new privacy policy on January 23. Its new privacy policy will allow employees to read all the notes of the users.

Goodbye Privacy, Evernote's New Privacy Policy Allows Employees To Read Your Notes

Evernote, the note-taking app announced earlier this week its intentions to update its privacy policy, which will let some of its employees' access and read user content as part of the company's effort to improve the service. The company said in its proposed privacy policy, which determines what it does with its users data, including their notes, that the changes are "primarily to make sure that our machine learning technologies are working correctly." It is also said that the policy will be effective January 23, 2017.

According to ZDNet, Evernote's machine learning technologies are thought to include artificial intelligence hooks, such as searching with natural language queries. The policy added that the few employees who will have access to user data will be subject to background checks. They will also "receive specific security and privacy training at least annually to ensure they are up to date on the latest privacy and security requirements and standards."

As per data security measures are concerned, Evernote said they will only allow user data to be stored in environments that they consider secure. Access to these secure environments and the data stored within them is limited to only authorized employees and "we use strong authentication measures to protect that access." It also mentioned that they will regularly test the web service code to look for security bugs that might allow an attacker to gain access to an account.

Nonetheless, according to 9to5Mac, this news coupled with the recent basic account limitations and price hikes, will surely leave a lot of customers looking elsewhere to store their data. One such option is Apple’s Notes app. Apple has made it easy to migrate notes from Evernote to the Notes app. If you’re a current Evernote user, will you be sticking with the service, or do you plan on migrating elsewhere?


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