Pokemon GO: Still The Most Popular Mobile Game?

By Nick Halden , Dec 15, 2016 04:40 AM EST

Pokemon GO is probably the most popular mobile game this year. This is according to Google which reported that Pokemon GO is the most searched term in 2016.

Google on Pokemon GO

Google reported that Pokemon GO is the top word searched on 2016. Most of the search was also concentrated on July and August which was the mobile game's release date. Other top searches included Apple's iPhone 7, US President-elect Donald Trump, the late musician Prince and Powerball.

Pokemon GO Owes Popularity to Franchise?

Game observers believed Pokemon GO owes its popularity to the long running Nintendo Pokemon franchise. The release of the 3DS game Pokemon Sun and Moon is also seen as an added boost for the mobile game.

Pokemon GO Statistics

Pokemon GO was first released on July 6, 2016 and was downloaded more than a half billion times. At its height, more than 20 million users in the US were playing the game daily. Mobile game developer Niantic Labs earned more than $600 million since its launch. These statistics are probably the reason why it made Google's most top searched list.

Can Super Mario Run Surpass It?

Nintendo is hoping to replicate the success of Pokemon GO with Super Mario Run. Gaming analysts predict that the Mario runner will earn around more than $70 million during its first month. This is only half the amount earned by Pokemon GO in the same period.

The two Nintendo mobile games also have a different approach in treating its mobile players. Pokemon GO is free for iOS and Android players. Players though, can buy some of the game's items for real world cash. Meanwhile, players can only play the full version of Super Mario Run for a one-time fee of $10. It's also exclusively available for iOS device users for now. Android users will to have to wait until next year.

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