For Honor Guide: How To Play Peacekeeper And Shugoki Classes

By Mario Ferrari , Dec 16, 2016 04:10 AM EST

For Honor is the much-anticipated action hack and slash game developed by Ubisoft Montreal. It is set to be released in February 2017. The game offers an exciting gameplay with different classes that you can choose from. Here's a guide on how to play the game for the Peacekeeper and Shoguki classes.

For Honor - How To Play Peacekeeper Class

Defense is the most essential skill for the Peacekeeper to master. Enormous heroes can defeat you fast. Remember that defense involves tons of movement and stealthy attacks. When you are trying to dominate an area in Dominion mode, it is necessary that you avoid attacks from your opponents and steal a counter attack immediately. During your blocks, your opponents could be using the same stealth strategy so you have to keep an eye out on them.

Offense is fun to do for the Peacekeeper as you would like dancing as you do some footwork, rolling and parrying on field. Use this alertness while holding a short sword and dagger. Primarily, dagger will cause your opponents to bleed and eventually exhaust their HP. However, you have to take note that as a Peacekeeper you cannot hold much onto heavy enemies and short attack range so the best thing you can do when attacked is to roll, dodge and attack.

To begin a battle, the Peacekeeper must sneak first. Once you are on engaged in one on one battle, you can either avoid quick attacks and counter that as fast as possible by circling around your opponent or battle it out against your opponent head-on but making sure of you block and deflect techniques.

For Honor - How To Play Shugoki Class

The Shugoki class has a massive high HP, an impressive defense and an incredible ability to replenish its health. This makes the class ideal for dominating areas in Dominion mode. However, Shugoki is slow and his stamina is too restricted which you should be mindful when engaging in matches. The Elimination mode most especially is a huge downside for the Shugoki as enemies are more alert.

In terms of offense, the Shoguki is a big winner owing to the fact that its characteristics stem from light and heavy attacks. Otherwise known as disabler, Shugoki performs fatal kanabo, a series of light attacks. Its heavy attacks can push opponents out of the way. Be careful with missing attacks though as it opens chances for your opponent to counter that.

During one on one match, it is fine for Shugoki to let opponents approach him. Don't attempt to get away because you'll be wasting your stamina. In return, you can use kanabo to deal with your opponent and perform varying attacks. When you miss an attack, match the direction from which the opponent is attacking to parry it. Use heavy attack and executive move to finish off the match.

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