iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone 8 Pro And Why They Will Fail

iPhone 8
A photo of what the iPhone 8 could possibly look like. Photo : Reporter RK/YouTube

The iPhone 8 rumors and leaks are the most trending topics on the web right now. Though the iPhone 8 is the most anticipated smartphone compared to its competitors, I find it rather strange that only a small number of articles that talks about the iPhone 8's leaks and rumors question if the device has great specs and features or not. Here is my take based on the latest and most popular rumored specs and features of the iPhone 8.

Smartphone Too Over Priced?

First, let me say that the Galaxy S8 is rumored to be priced at roughly around $810. Now, if you think about Samsung's "fire-prone" fiasco this year, one might really expect that Samsung might tone down its price to gain back the trust of the public. I mean, if you knew that a certain phone brand has a history of potentially endangering your safety, will you buy it? But if $810 is a toned down price for Samsung, then what will be the price of the iPhone 8?

According to reports, Apple will launch 3 models for the iPhone 8 series. One is called the iPhone 8, another is called the iPhone 8 Plus, and lastly a premium model which most people just calls it the iPhone 8 Pro. The latter of which, Apple has not yet given a name for but it's rumored to be the flagship. Now, if the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus will be priced around $810, what will be the price of the iPhone 8 Pro, knowing that this is the flagship smartphone that features the best of the best high-end specs for Apple's 2017 iPhone series? Will it be priced around $1000 or more?

Smartphone Breakable Much?

According to reports, the iPhone 8 series will have an all-glass front and back design that would look like it was made from a single sheet of glass, stainless frames for its edges, OLED display, and a software touch home button. However, it is reported that only the iPhone 8 Pro will have the all-glass design and OLED screen. And plus, there is a new report that the iPhone 8 will feature a plastic OLED panel that curves "all over" the device.

But these things are not important, what I want to point out is that given that the iPhone 8 Pro will have an all-glass design which will give the impression as if the device is made out of a single sheet of glass, how tough will it be? I mean, one of its main features is its all-glass design, so there is a chance that it will be very fragile. To me, I don't want to be walking around with a smartphone worth $800-$1000 that can be shattered in a heartbeat if it's accidentally dropped, bumped or scratched. It will be a 24/7 nightmare.

Also, it the iPhone 8 will be a bezel-less phone that will instead feature a software touch Home Button that is built right into the display screen. It will feature a fingerprint reader touch ID that is also built into the display screen. Let's say the screen gets cracked, will you still be able to access the software Home Button, let alone unlock it?

Let's face it, we want the iPhone 8 Pro and most of us buying that device will pay for it from our hard-earned money. For me, I really hope it will be tough enough, because if not, it is a risk that I can't afford.

Wireless Charging Feature

Apple will launch 3 iPhone models. However, it is said that only the iPhone 8 Plus and Pro will have this feature. But there is another problem about this wireless charging feature. A couple of months ago, a feature presentation was held about wireless charging in Japan. In the presentation, the team was able to successfully charge a phone wirelessly. However, it took them 20 minutes just to charge one percent of the battery life.

Now, according to reports, the iPhone 8 can be wirelessly charged from up to 5 meters away from the charging unit or pad. About how long it took to charge, rumors said that the iPhone 8 can wirelessly charge 10 percent of battery life an hour. I don't know if this rumor is true, but if it is, 10 percent an hour is kind of slow for me. Well, at least the iPhone can wirelessly charge, right?

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