Super Mario Run Guide To All Special Coins Locations

By Mario Ferrari , Dec 19, 2016 04:00 AM EST

Super Mario Run has special coins for players to collect throughout the game. You can use these coins to unlock new items in the Kingdom Builder. These coins can be found in both World Tour and Rally modes. To help you with ease out your haunt for their specific locations, here's a comprehensive guide on where to find all special coins in Super Mario Run.

Super Marion Run - Where To Find Pink Coins

Pink Coins are found in the first level of each stage-World 1-1. The first Pink Coin can be found right off the bat in the first lineup of coins. Do the high-jump to get it. The second Pink Coin is just a few feet away from the first. Once you see bricks and blocks, step over it and do the high-jump to get it. The third Pink Coin a distance away from the second one. You need to jump from the first platform to second to get the coin which is just lying on the ground on the second platform.

The fourth Pink Coin is just a few feet away from the third. You see a pipe, and from there jump to get sequence of floating gold coins. At the end of the sequence is the Pink Coin. The fifth and last Pink Coin is the hardest in this level. On the platform where you can see three Goombas, do the him-jump.

Super Mario Run - Where To Find Purple Coins

Purple Coins are found in the mid-level version of each stage-World 1. The first Purple Coin can be found as soon as you begin the game. Do the high-jump over Goomba's head to reach the coin. The second Purple Coin can be earned by jumping to the bricks then to the blocks. Do the high-jump to snag the Purple Coin. The third Purple Coin is a bit tricky because it is right above a cliff (although you can wall jump in case). Do not jump on any platforms since you'll get the it by jumping from ground level.

The fourth Purple Coin is right above a platform where you can see the pause switch an Goomba. You can either use the switch or Goomba where you can do the high-jump to get the coin. The final Purple Coin can be obtained right above two levels of platforms.

Super Marion Run - Where To Find Black Coins

Black Coins are the hardest to get. You can obtain them in the third-tier difficulty level of each stage. Right when you start the level in World 1-1, a trail of coins will welcome you. At the end of this trail is a floating vertical stone wall which you'll need to do the high-jump from to reach the Black Coins. The second Black Coin is right on the ground of the three cloud blocks which is very high. You need to execute perfectly the high-hump on the blocks below the cloud blocks to reach it.

The third Black Coin is in the pit. This tricky location needs you to perfect do the wall jump. The fourth Black Coin could be the most difficult to get. You need to jump from a platform to a single block, then to the brick, and finally to the clouds.

In World 1-2, the first Black Coin is right below the ceiling. The second Black Coin can be found when you steep hill hugging the wall. After the fourth, you can see pits with Piranha plants. Avoid it until you get to the end for the last coin. Black coins can also be found in World 1-3 and World 1-4.

Super Mario Run is available on iOS.


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