Super Mario Run Family Sharing Guide: How To Play On Multiple iPad And iPhone Devices?

By Sarene Mae Butao , Dec 19, 2016 04:30 AM EST

Super Mario Run is perhaps the latest game that achieved an overnight success after Pokemon Go. The game was downloaded for about 2.85 Million times on its first day and is still counting. Experts said that the number of total download count is expected to increase drastically once the Android version will arrive. Meanwhile, Super Mario Run features family sharing dedicated for those family members who want to try out the full experience for themselves.

According to the report from The Bitbag, enabling the family sharing feature is not quite easy as it requires players to unlock the full game via in-app purchase. However, with this feature, players can now install the full game in different devices and compete with other players in the Rally mode. Meanwhile, here are some steps on how to enable your family sharing feature in Super Mario Run.

First step is to log in to your iTunes account and install Super Mario Run from the App store. Next is to launch the app and log in using your My Nintendo account. It is recommended to sync it with the other accounts such as Facebook. Next, complete the tutorial game.

If you are done doing the steps above, head to the menu screen and proceed to the in-app purchase store. Then, purchase the multiplayer option that costs $9.99 using your iTunes account. By this step, it will enable your first device to possess both the game and the multiplayer mode saved using your My Nintendo Account.

Meanwhile, you can also use another device for the same process. However, you will need to use another My Nintendo account this time around. By the time you have arrived to the point where you will purchase the multiplayer mode, a message will popped out stating that "You already bought this, do you want to get it for free?" Complete the process by clicking "Yes" and you will now be able to play the full version of Super Mario Run for free using other compatible devices.


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