Experts Reveal Nintendo Switch's Biggest Upcoming Issue; Dragon Quest XI Confirmed!

Nintendo Switch power has not been announced yet, even as the hybrid console had already been revealed. In fact, reports suggest that even Bethesda does not have any clue if the studio's AAA titles will be included in the new Nintendo Switch.

While the fans were amazed by the seamless transition of Nintendo Switch between the portable and the home gaming mode, some games do not seem to fare well with Xbox One and PS4.

Nintendo Switch Biggest Upcoming Issue

Nintendo Switch is rumored to unlikely include AAA games like Mass Effect: Andromeda or Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. Bethesda has even revealed that the studio is still discussing if the new Prey video game will be playable in the new Nintendo Switch.

Another Nintendo Switch concern is that the console may restrict its CPU frequency during portable gaming mode to conserve its battery life. According to reports, the new patent given to Nintendo stated that the CPU clock frequency range will be limited once the Nintendo Switch turns into a portable gaming mode.

Moreover, the Nintendo Switch patent also mentions that the image rendering capacity will be limited as well, which means that the console's graphics quality may likely be downgraded in the portable mode. However, this may also be implemented to more demanding titles, given that there were no significant differences during the live demo. Nintendo Switch is set to arrive in 2017.

Nintendo Has Officially Announced That Dragon Quest XI Is Coming to Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch version of Dragon Quest XI has been confirmed by the Japanese console manufacturer through a blog post on its official website. It should be noted that the game's Nintendo Switch version was earlier rumored to be "in consideration," which was followed by the Dragon Quest series creator  revealing that a Switch version is, indeed, coming. Watch Rumor: Nintendo Switch CPU & GPU Clock Speeds Revealed? Less Powerful?


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