Super Mario Run Consumes 75MB An Hour, 1.5GB A Month; A Load Of Disappointments?

By Lizzie Mefford , Dec 20, 2016 04:30 AM EST

Super Mario Run $10 price tag may not be the only reason why Super Mario Run has declined in the stop market. Apparently, the game reportedly consumes a huge amount of data with up to 1.5GB total each month. However, the game has still been recorded as the top downloaded game on the US App Store.

Super Mario Run Game Has Already Been Downloaded Over 2.8 Million Times In The First 48 Hours

Apparently, the Super Mario Run fanbase is a big one as Super Mario Run is free to download. Note that only the demo is free for all iOS users from the App Store. Apparently, the whole game may need to be purchased for $10.

Super Mario Run also reportedly requires constant internet connection as revealed by Super Mario Run creator Shigeru Miyamoto himself. Furthermore, the hit mobile game reportedly consumes at least 40-75MB per hour depending on the style of gameplay adapted and the game modes. A whooping 1.5GB is expected to be consumed if playing for at least an hour each and every day.

It has been noted that Super Mario Run has an abnormally high server load. Apparently, the high demand for Super Mario Run has reportedly caused the Nintendo server to ineffectively work. Hence, more data than usual is reportedly consumed.

Super Mario Run Stocks Fall More Than 16 Percent, Alarming Analysts And Investors

In other news, Super Mario Run reportedly sold more Nintendo Co. shares than the other games. However, the investors have reportedly noted disappointment over the early reviews and sales of the mobile game. Moreover, the analysts have also expressed concern over the game's payment mode.

Super Mario Run previously rose by 20 percent before starting the decline that finished down by 7.1 percent in the Tokyo Stock Exchange Trading. Apparently, the game has managed to lose more that 16 percent in stocks in just five days. Previously, Super Mario Run was forecast to make as much as $15 million in its first month.  Watch a Super Mario Run review here:


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