Super Mario Run Guide, Tricks, Hacks: 3 Coin Locations You've Never Guessed

By Lizzie Mefford , Dec 20, 2016 04:00 AM EST

Super Mario Run pink locations have reportedly been found from the 1-1 to 1-4 walkthroughs. Apparently, some pick coins are reportedly hard to find. In the meantime, several experts have reportedly shared their strategies online to collecting the pink coins in unlikely locations.

Super Mario Run Pink Coins In The Up And Over Level Are Said To Be The Easiest To Spot

The first level in Super Mario Run reportedly offers several coins that may be spotted easily with the first pink coin at the end of a big line of coins. The next pink coin may be found floating above a ledge formed by three question blocks while the third is found on top of several platforms. The fourth and the fifth can be found on a ledge and right before the home stretch.

Furthermore, the Wall-Kicking It Underground level also contains several pink coins with the first in the starting area on the far side of the ledge past a Piranha Plant. The second is reportedly tricky to get to by sliding down on the ledge before jumping to the opposite side of the wall where a pink coin lies on a small ledge.

Super Mario Run character Mario may then jump off the midway point and launched on another ledge to find the third coin. The fourth may be found at the bottom of the next hill while the final coin may be taken by jumping from the wall avoid two Piranha plants.

Time Magazine Reviewed Super Mario Run With 5/5 Rating

In other news, the Super Mario Run has been given a perfect rating as Nintendo launched Mario on iOS devices since Dec. 15. Apparently, the Super Mario Run is yet to make its way to Android users but a 2017 release was reportedly underway. The TIME reviewer also noted that Mario reportedly feels transgressive.

Super Mario Run was also praised for starting Mario and the other characters as soon as the levels load. Note that several characters from the classic Mario game including Luigi and the Princess Peach are present in Super Mario Run but may be unlocked. On the other hand, the placement of the coins have been noted as tormenting since it is reportedly tricky to find.   Learn more about the Super Mario Run pink coins here:


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