Super Mario Run Guide, Tricks, Hacks: How To Unlock Toad, Luigi, Princess Peach

By Lizzie Mefford , Dec 20, 2016 04:00 AM EST

Super Mario Run players may reportedly unlock several features of the game by completing the first and second world. Experts have reportedly shared their strategies and the requirements of building the Kingdom in Luigi's house, among others. Super Mario Run has also been given an 8 ½ out of 10 rating in the reviews.

Super Mario Run Locked Characters Are Reportedly Unlocked After Completing the First World

Super Mario Run reportedly has several notable and playable characters that are locked at the beginning of the game including Yoshi and the mushroom Toad and Toadette as well as Luigi and the Princess Peach. The characters have been noted from the original Super Mario classic game. It has been noted that the first character to be unlocked in the Super Mario Run is Princess Peach.

The damsel in distress has reportedly been held hostage by the evil Bowser. Note that the whole game needs to be completed before Mario can get a kiss from the princess. Furthermore, the Super Mario Run character reportedly features unlimited hovering skills allowing her to float.

Super Mario Run Toad is said to be unlocked by linking a My Nintendo Account to the game. Toad reportedly takes a single hit but may run faster than other characters. Additionally, Luigi can reportedly be unlocked with 150 Purple and 150 Green Toads from the Toad Rally while Yoshi requires 30 Red and 30 Green Toads.

Financial Times Reviewed Super Mario Run And Gave 8 ½ Out Of 10 Rating

In other news, Nintendo's hit game was reportedly reviewed by a Financial Times reviewer along with his 6-year old son. While the game has been noted as nostalgic of the series, Super Mario Run reportedly lacks the little metallic pi-ping which has been noted as the digital embodiment of the Nintendo brand. The game has also been noted with a $10 price tag.

Super Mario Run first screen has also been noted as a 24-level platform game where player collect coins and rescue princesses. New challenges and collectable bonuses have also reportedly been include in Super Mario Run. The second screen reportedly has on-screen competition levels while the third allows players to build a kingdom. Learn more about unlocking the 5 Secret characters in Super Mario Run:


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