Samsung To Use Batteries From Archrival LG To Prevent Galaxy Note 7-Like Issues

The embattled Korean tech giant, Samsung, will probably lean on one of its archrivals to pick itself up from the ground.

Samsung Electronics is rumored to be in the process of striking a deal with LG Chem Ltd, a Korean chemical company also involved in manufacturing electronic and information technology materials.

The deal, which is reported to be 90 percent complete, supposedly involves the manufacture of batteries to be used by Samsung's future smartphones. In other words, Samsung will no longer use the batteries that went up in smoke which it got from Samsung SDI and Amperex Technology from China, according to Reuters.

Once the deal pushes through, LG will provide the batteries starting on the second half of 2017. This means the Galaxy S8, which is rumored for a February release, will not be among the Samsung devices that will sport an LG battery. There's still no word about who the battery supplier of the S8 will be but, according to Engadget, the Galaxy Note 8 will likely utilize the ones from LG, if the deal pushes through.

Much has been said about Samsung's year that was. 2016's battery issues resulting to fiery Galaxy Note 7s something the company would want to bury deep within the consciousness of many. But now, in order to do that, Samsung will have to swallow its pride and ask for help from an unlikely ally.

LG also happens to be the main source of batteries of another Samsung rival - Apple. In a way, it's a double black eye for the Korean company but it is striving to not let its bruised ego get in the way of what its customer wants and needs - a great yet safe device.

This rumor has neither been confirmed nor denied by both companies as of this writing.

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