Samsung Galaxy Note 7 News: Batteries In Recalled Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Were Tested In-House

The batteries of the ill-fated Samsung Galaxy Note 7 were tested in-house. Samsung Electronics Inc. has been testing their own batteries in a lab that is owned by the company.

In a report by CNET, Samsung admitted that Korean company has been testing their batteries in a laboratory that they own. The lab in question is located within the company's facility. They did insist that the lab is certified by The Wireless Association otherwise known as the Cellular Telephone Industries Association or CTIA. Samsung has been doing this practice since 2009.

According to a report, there are 28 labs with CTIA certification where batteries can be tested before they are placed on the market. These batteries need to comply with the standards of the institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers or IEEE before they are deemed fit for distribution.

Tom Sawanobori, Chief Technology Officer of the CTIA, said that this was the first time they had a problem with CTIA-certified batteries. He also insists that all their certified labs' personnel are qualified and comply with the standards. Sawanobori is also confident that the personnel is not under the influence of the manufacturers.

Other major manufacturers require their tests to be done at third-party locations. Apple, Lenovo, and Nokia conduct their battery tests in external sites. LG does theirs in another country while Huawei conducts two tests, one at their facility and another in a different site.

John Copeland, Vice President of Energy Assurance and the member of the subcommittee which developed IEEE 1725 or the Standard for Rechargeable Batteries for Cellular Telephones, mentioned that it is understandable for companies to have their technology tested in their own facility to avoid spilling trade secrets.

Since the release of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, there have been around a hundred cases of the device catching fire. Because of this, Samsung pulled the plug on the Note 7 and has asked owners to return their smartphone to prevent any incidents.

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