Dishonored 2 Update: Why The New Game Plus Will Make You Revisit The Game

By Shayne Nicole Caravana , Dec 20, 2016 07:43 AM EST

Dishonored 2 fans were losing their interest as many have noted that the game gets boring after a while. But when Bethesda introduced the New Game Plus, players started booting the game up again. Here are the reasons why the NG+ is its saving grace.

A lot of players have already finished and have beaten Dishonored 2 as Corvo or Emily. But the NG+ made the game more interesting because it allows the players to start a new game depending on what level of difficulty they desire.

According to Kotaku, Dishonored 2's NG+ will let the players carry over their learned skills, acquired runes and crafted bonecharms. This is one of the reasons why the players are ecstatic about the newest addition to the game.

"Unlocked once you complete the game as either Emily or Corvo, New Game Plus lets you begin anew as either character with access to each hero's full suite of abilities," Bethesda explained. As per Venture Beat, the players have the chance to choose any abilities they want in their chosen character.

With the help of Dishonored 2's NG+, players can now explore the game and create new combos for their new character. For example, Corvo's Blink ability is better with Emily's Far Reach if the players are in duels with an opponent.

The players now understand how to craft bonecharms effectively in Dishonored 2. They have been experimenting with it since the NG+ was already part of the game. They noticed that their characters were more stronger than before.

Even if Dishonored 2 has some issues on its PC versions, players were thankful that Bethesda has added new features in the game. Also, the developer might boost its profit with the recent update it has included in the game and winning Game of the Year.

Hopefully, players will wait for the upcoming update next month on Dishonored 2. There are rumors that the next update will even make the game a lot better than before because Bethesda might be adding customization in difficulty of each level. 

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