Here's Why Dishonored 2 Is 'Game Of The Year' Despite Its Problems

Dishonored 2 fans and critics were surprised when the game was heralded as Game of the Year. Everyone knows that the game has its glitches, bugs and flaws. But even if the game has brought a lot of problems to the players, there are a lot of reasons why it got the GOTY award.

First, Dishonored 2 got the award because of the two skillful assassins Corvo and Emily. The players love how the characters are powerful. They have different abilities that players can use in order to beat the game, according to Daily Star.

Next, the plot in Dishonored 2 conveys an exciting storyline. The story revolves around how Emily or Corvo will be getting back what should have belonged to them in the first place. As per NSEA Voice, the game might have a lot of bugs but the committee who are involved with the awards have considered on what the developer has done to the game.

Dishonored 2 also deserved the award because of its artistic designs and visuals. According to PC Gamer, Arkane Studios has made the game look like it is set in the Victorian Era that made it more interesting. The game is a combination of art and design that is noticeable while playing it.

Also, Dishonored 2 can be written as a book. Despite its flaws, the dialogues help the players understand the plot of the game. Players can learn a lot about the world, history and culture in the sequel compared to its predecessor.

Lastly, Dishonored 2's A Crack In The Slab level is a well-created stage in the game. The players get to experience the consequences of their actions, which is rare in video games. Overall, the game has a unique design that comes with a great plot.

Dishonored 2 fans are really happy that their beloved game is GOTY winner. This is a proof that the game is more than its errors. Hopefully, Arkane Studios will update the game whenever it is necessary to solve the problems in the game.

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