Pokemon GO Has Some Massive Statistics, So What

By Gen Que , Dec 21, 2016 04:50 AM EST

Niantic has released the latest Pokemon GO update and along with that, the company also revealed some notable statistics for the game. However, those statistics seemed unimportant compared to the update.

The year 2016 has been a good year for Pokemon GO and Niantic does not want the year to end without putting down some impressive statistics the game has achieved. Some of them include catching a total of 88 billion Pokemon around the world which means Pokemon players around the world catch more than 500 million pocket monsters every day. Moreover, players collectively walked a total of 200,000 trips around the Earth just to catch those cute monsters.

However, no matter how impressive the statistics are, they are still overshadowed by the fact that the latest update Niantic has issued doesn't really do much except that it contains some minor fixes.

The patch update is for both iOS and Android and was released last Dec. 19. What the update did was very small or unnoticeable, such as minor fixes on the text and making the night and day modes more accurate to reflect the current time of the trainer. Moreover, it also fixed the bug that caused incorrect vibration notifications. If you're expecting for more, there's nothing else.

Meanwhile, the new nearby feature that has been added to the game has proved useful to a lot of trainers. Niantic also tweeted some help to trainers by giving them tips where to catch a lot of Pokemon. Even some rural areas have had some increase in the number of Pokemon they can catch.

While a majority of places are happy to catch Pokemon, there are also some places which totally ban the game. There is reportedly a quaint little town in France which sent Niantic a letter to keep Pokemon out of their area.

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