Final Fantasy XV Guide, Tips: How To Convince Aranea To Join Party Permanently

By Nick Halden , Dec 21, 2016 04:10 AM EST

Final Fantasy XV players can now have Aranea joined the group permanently. This is only possible due to a glitch in the game.

Some Advice About Aranea

Aranea can do a lot of things for the group. She can heal and take parts in outdoor activities like camping. She can also help link attack strikes and will not go down like the others. There are also disadvantages bringing her in. She is stuck permanently with the gear she is wearing. She could not get or ride either the chocobo or the Regalia. Some of the quests will be unavailable because of her or she will not lend a hand. You can't fish with Aranea around and extra effort is required in getting the Carbuncle buff. By the way, she is a Niflheim soldier holding the rank of Captain according to FF wiki.

How To Make Aranea Stay

This glitch was discovered by YouTube Uploader whimsic al. First, go to Cotisse Haven which is located at Hammerhead's northern part and camp for the night. When midnight comes, save game immediately in order for Aranea to appear in the game. You can now proceed north where the mountains and red fence are located once the Imperial ships disappear followed by the appearances of Giants.

Spawn a Giant with the whistle but if drops ships come out simply wait for them to go away. If they keep coming back, eliminate its troops. If the Giant appears, stay away from its combat radius. Once safely out of range, open the map and go back to the rest point at once or you will miss Aranea.

You can make Aranea join the group by opening the camp menu just before her spawning starts. Once it's open you can start searching for Aranea. She will appear at the edge of the camp to join your party but be sure to save the game immediately. Simply reload the saved camping episode of last night when morning comes. You could also remove Aranea from the group if you want but that's another matter.

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