Pitioss Ruins Guide: How To Finished Toughest Final Fantasy XV Dungeon In 6 Minutes

By Nick Halden , Dec 17, 2016 04:10 AM EST

The Pitioss Ruins is the probably the toughest dungeon in Final Fantasy XV. Players can spend at least ten hours or more just finding a way out if they don't know the shortcut.

Shortcut Discovered

Final Fantasy XV players will first need the flying Regalia to search for the Pitioss Ruins. Ironically, there are no monsters to fight in this dungeon. Instead, you will need to solve very difficult puzzles. Solving the life or death situations and getting out though can take players at least ten hours to complete. The frequent deaths and respawns can also add to the delay. YouTube presenter Flobberworm4 managed to accomplish that difficult feat though in six minutes and has the video to prove it.

Jumping Your Way to Success

Needless to say, Noctis needs to jump around a lot. Final Fantasy XV players will be astounded as the jumping Prince is breezing his way through the Pitioss Ruins. Players willing to follow this guide also need to have the needed dexterity to pull this trick off. Having luck on your side though can't hurt. There's not much trick involved in getting out of the Pitioss Ruins. Simply knowing the correct path to take is already a big time saver.

The video presenter admitted the part where he jumps and lands on the lady statue's bosom was the most difficult stunt to pull off. Players may need several retries in order to safely land on her Needless to say, players who wish to replicate his feat also need to save quite often. Starting all over again may take you at least ten hours or more to finish the Pitioss Ruins quest.

Final Fantasy XV players who can finished this noble undertaking will get a Black hood. It's a collectible accessory that only Prince Noctis can wear or use. This particular item lets the hero to "phase during attacks".

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