GTA Online Christmas Event Update: Rockstar Offers Generous Rewards To Players

By Nick Halden , Dec 21, 2016 05:00 AM EST

The GTA Online Christmas event aka Festive Surprise is giving generous incentives to players. There is no better time to return to stealing GTA cars once again than now.

What to Expect

The latest Import/Export feature update included a lot of exotic and expensive cars to steal. At the same, time players could buy weird looking but functional vehicles that can help in their criminal ways. Every stolen vehicle sold can also entitle players up to $50,000 more in the spirit of the holidays.

The GTA online Festive Surprise event is handing the traditional items such as the Firework Launcher, according to the official site. Participating in the Turf Wars Adversary mode will reward you with twice than the usual RP and GTA$. Join the Plummet premium stunt race and you get 300 percent more RP.

There Are Also Free Stuffs

Twitter user itsJackFrost posted some of the holiday themed clothing that players can get for free. This also includes masks with the Santa and Gingerbread Man version. Hopefully, Rockstar will let players keep these free stuffs even after the holidays.

New Car Variants And Discounts On Guns

Interested buyers can now get the Truffade Nero or the Nero Custom or both if you have the GTA$. Some of the guns could now be bought at a 25 percent discount. The Festive Surprise is only starting; more features and items are expected to come out in the coming days.

What GTA V Players Want For Christmas

A number of GTA V players though, have one wish for Christmas. Hopefully, Rockstar Games will finally make some single story campaign mode for the game. Despite the growing success of GTA Online, a number of the game's fans are wishing for additional content they can play offline as well. Unfortunately, Rockstar has yet to announce any plans about it. In the meantime, enjoy this year's GTA Online Festive Surprise.

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