GTA Online Introduces KITT, Knight Rider's Car And How To Get It

GTA Online recently introduced a very expensive vehicle that closely resembles KITT from the Knight Rider TV show. Those old enough to remember the old David Hasselhoff show would definitely like this car.

KITT Included in GTA Online

GTA Online players can now add KITT to their car collections. The car though is not called KITT in the game but is known as the Imponte Runier 2000. It's available via the Import/Export feature of the game. 

IR 2000 aka KITT Details 

This car does not talk to you but it does pack some serious firepower and hardware. Its sleek look hides the guns, missiles both guided and not under its hood. The IR 2000 is also equipped with a turbo boost. GTA online players can also use the car's parachute in case they want to jump from the building's rooftop.

The Imponte Ruiner 2000 is for sale at the Warstock Cache and Carry. GTA Online players can buy it for around $5,476,000 but SecuroServ players can get it for $4,320,000. The sales tag alone makes this KITT inspired car as the most expensive one in the game.

The car can only carry eight missiles at a time but the machine guns' ammo is unlimited. The IR 2000 also has a shocking security measure against car thieves. Unauthorized players who attempt to open the car will get an electrical shock from a hidden stun gun.

Other Import/Export Vehicles Available

There also other special vehicles that are available via the Import/Export feature. The Rocket Voltic is much cheaper than the Ruiner 2000 costing GTA Online players around $2.9 to $3.9 million. Other vehicles needed for pulling specialized heists include the Ramp Buggy and Phantom Wedge. Interestingly, some of the vehicles are only available once a certain job is pulled off. Being a SecuroServ member also helps in getting substantial discounts from Warstock Cache & Carry.

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