And It's All Because Of Global Warming! Experts Warn That Earth Will Soon Be Like Mars

Experts have recently found that for every minute that passes by, 400 pounds (181kg) of hydrogen and almost 7 pounds (3kg) of helium is allegedly escaping from the Earth's atmosphere into outer space. Dubbed as atmospheric escape, an astrophysicist has claimed that it could then potentially lead to the death of our planet since it is driven by heat from the sun. Over billions of years, the said expert have explained that the escaping gases could turn our planet into a dry, desolate world like Mars.

Due To Atmospheric Escape, Earth Will Soon Be Like Mars, But How ?

In one of his statements reported by Daily Mail, Anjali Tripathi, from the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, have explained how atmospheric escape could cause our planet to dry up. She further explains that in the far future, the sun is perceived as becoming even brighter. And as it happens at the same time, heating will allegedly become more intense and the gas is going to stream off from the Earth.

Moreover, the renowned astrophysicist has also claimed that the least thing that we could prepare for is the fact that in the far future, the Earth is going to look more like Mars. She explains that the hydrogen from the earth's water that is being broken down, is allegedly going to escape into space more rapidly, leaving the human race with this dry, reddish planet.

Ultimately, according to Latin Post, it has been considered by scientists that Mars is like Earth before which also has its atmosphere. They believe that Mars is a wetter planet before until it turned out to be a dry land. However, due to the fact that it is a smaller planet, it also has a lesser capability to hold its atmosphere. The good news is, we still have over billions of years until no more of them left.

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