NASA And Team From The Movie ‘Hidden Figures’ Collaborates In Memory Of John Glen And Other Female Space Pioneers

A new film has revealed the story of three black female maths wizards who has reportedly helped launch American astronaut John Glenn into space. As the movie "Hidden Figures" had its big red carpet premiere, the prestigious event has never been this unusual before. Aside from the expected gathering of celebrities were people who were not the typical Hollywood crowd - NASA astronauts and historians alike. Reports say that they were present in the said event because the film highly puts into record the largely unknown story of three young African-American women who has worked for NASA's immense success.

Hidden Figures And NASA: How Are They Connected?

According to CBS News, the film allegedly puts emphasis on underrated characters that often gets overlooked in the movies in a not so heroic perspective, larger-than-life figures like John Glenn, but the brilliant minds working behind the scenes. The producers of the movie has also revealed that the story revolves around Katherine Johnson, Dorothy Vaughan and Mary Jackson who were known as the 'computers in skirts' during that time and who has allegedly worked on the Redstone, Mercury and Apollo space missions using the limited technology of the time.

Furthermore, the Daily Mail has revealed that working as a NASA 'computer' paid more than the majority of jobs available to women, and provided an entry into aeronautical research at a time when few jobs besides teaching were offered to those with degrees in the sciences.

Ultimately, the movie that was known to have been based on the lives of these NASA pioneers, Hidden Figures celebrates the lives and ground breaking work of these three women. It was found that the film is making its buzz to getting an Oscar award with its stars Taraji P Henson of TV series Empire, Octavia Spencer from The Help movie and singer-actress Janelle Monáe.

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