Top Android Apps Of 2016: Download Them Before The Year Ends

By Luis Fran , Dec 22, 2016 08:25 PM EST
Here is a list of great new android application that you must try. These all are great apps and will add new features to your phone. (Photo : DeviceCustomizer/YouTube)

There has been a lot of Android apps that are characterized for stylishly designing smartphones for the users' comfort and convenience.  They give the consumers the opportunity of doing things that seem almost impossible.

This year has been probably the moment in the history of Android apps, and in order to help you choose the interesting apps before the year ends, we came up with a list of only the best apps that you can enjoy.

Google Drive Suite

We´re talking about a cloud storage solution that provides new users 15 GB for free upon signing up, which is incredible as having ample space in your smartphone is always a good idea especially if you're the type who stores a lot of files, music and photos. The best thing is that if you want even more, you have the option of buying as much as you need.

The Google Drive offers some incredible suite of Android apps that includes Google Sheets, Google Photos, Google Slides, Google Keep and the almighty Google Docs. In short, this is something that provides Android apps for anything you want in terms of productivity, which makes it some kind of Holy Grail that won´t cost you a single penny. If you need more information to get convinced and run to download what is considered one of the greatest Android apps, let´s say that Google Drive´s apps features things like compatibility with any Microsoft Office documents, live collaboration and deep sharing features.

Fingerprint Gestures

Let´s face it.  In every single innovation that mobile devices have released in the past years, fingerprint scanner is probably the most popular right now, to the point in which this feature is also used in other devices as laptops or even desktops. Ignoring the numerous conspiracy theories surrounding this innovation, the truth is that having a fingerprint on the smartphone would be just like the touchscreen in a couple of years.

Given this situation, one of the best Android apps that you can download right now is Fingerprint Gestures, which allows you to learn the incredible functionality that this feature could have, in addition to the classy method of unlocking the phone. Believe it or not, this app lets you configure a single tap, a double tap and the swipe of the fingerprint scanner to all sort of things, as pausing a song, or lowering the annoying notification panel. The best for the last: this amazing app won´t cost you anything.


Regardless if you´re young or old, there´s always a time in which you are extremely occupied and need something to remind you the things to do in the proper order. Naturally, smartphones always offer a calendar or a blog note to write everything you have to attend so you can eventually check it on the mobile device, but unfortunately, this is something that has end up in a huge failure.

Given this situation, one of the most incredible Android apps of 2016 is Wunderlist, since this is some kind of assistant that will help you get things done for sure. From remembering basic stuff like cleaning the dishes to more complex things like some details you have to fix at the office, this to-do list app provides different functions in order to complete your duties punctually.

Although this is one of the most amazing Android apps you can find, the difference with the previous cases is that this has a free version, and paid one that cost $4.99 per months and $49.99 per year. While the free version offers the basic functions, the paid version is an app mostly focused in business-oriented persons.

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