2017 Huawei P10 News And Updates: Dual-Curved Screen And Wireless Charging Leaked!

Just when the Huawei P9 and Mate 9 are still getting the world´s attention, thanks to its greatness and quality.  Some leaks regarding the upcoming flagship Huawei P10 has just come out, revealing some incredible changes that show the Chinese company´s intentions of achieving the highest success in 2017, and conquer the U.S. market.

The Huawei P10 Could Wear A Curved Dual-Edge Display

According to Phone Arena, a Weibo user named reviewer-xiaokang said that the Huawei P10 will sport a curved dual-edge display just as the Porsche Design Model Mate 9, which represents a great surprise for Huawei´s lovers since it wasn't expected that the company made this move with its upcoming flagship. Naturally, wearing this kind of display will get this phone into the major leagues, given the fact that only the most important flagships will use it.

Also, another important change that the customers will see in the Huawei P10 is that this phone will feature the Home button in the front unlike the previous model. Although this move might be a little bit weird, considering that using previous details is not a common denominator in smartphone manufacturing, the company is doing this because it´s expected to relocate the fingerprint sensor from the back side to under the physical Home button.

The Huawei P10 Would Include A Wireless Charging

As reportd by GSMARENA, the Huawei P10 would also include a wireless charging, which would be a feature that will turn this phone into an incredible device that would make the company increase its power and influence in China, and become the most dangerous threat for Samsung and Apple´s smartphones.

In fact, the only mobile device that is expected to come with this revolutionary feature is the iPhone 8, which means that the Chinese company is betting everything in the Huawei P10 in order to be the most incredible revelation and the market conqueror in 2017. Huawei´s chief previously confessed that the company´s main objective in midterm is to beat Apple and become the second biggest smartphone in the world, and believe it or not, the Huawei P10 could be the first big step in this ambitious journey.

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