iPhone Rumors: iPhone 8 Wireless Charging Could Be Way More Advanced Than Current Standard

Since the release of the iPhone 7, many rumors have been floating about how the next flagship will be, and one of the biggest ones was regarding the chances that the highly-expected iPhone 8 could be equipped with Wireless Charging. However, the new rumor is that this feature will exist, and will be way more advanced that current standard, which has increased fans expectations.

Wireless Charging Could Make iPhone 8 The Apple´s Greatest Smartphone Ever

According to the International Business Times, Apple´s next flagship will have a built-in module that would be connected to a transmitter plugged into a wall outlet, being a system that will easily allow the smartphone to charge, within 15 feet of the transmitter. This would represent an incredible innovation for many mobile devices, considering that the available wireless charging methods so far, require users to connect the phone to a wireless charging station.

Naturally, if this end up being the truth, the iPhone 8 could become probably the greatest mobile device ever created by Apple, considering that is expected to be way more improved than the previous flagships and with many new specs and features. In fact, this was precisely the biggest issue about the iPhone 7, since many users felt that this smartphone had a lack of innovations.

Apple Could Become The Biggest Smartphone Maker Next Year

According to Digital Display, this advanced wireless charging is being worked on at Energous, which could probably end up pointing to a potential partnership with the Cupertino giant. The reasons why this has been speculated is because the company previously announced that it´s working with a tier one smartphone maker, which that Energous is collaborating either with Apple or Samsung. However, many believe that it couldn't be with the South Korean giant.

As reported in a previous article, Apple is betting a lot in the iPhone 8 in order to excel its position in the market and become the biggest smartphone maker in the world. Considering that 2017 is the 10th anniversary of Apple and iPhone, this new flagship will have to excel the company´s standard, which doesn't seem like an easy task. However, if the company managed to do it, next year could be one of the greatest periods in its successful history.

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