Apple Watch 3 Release Date, Specs & Design: Leaks Hint A Platinum Case And A Refined Heart Rate Sensor

This season, Apple is giving great discounted prices for its smartwatches. From the refurbished Apple Watch series 1.3 mm rose gold aluminum case with pink sand sports band for only $229, the Apple Watch series 1.42 mm space gray aluminum case with black sports band for $249, and to the Apple Watched series 2.42 mm stainless steel case with white sports band for only $509, fans are quite happy about it.

But under these cool gadgets with discounted prices, is Apple trying to tell us something? Apparently, the answer is yes according to fan theories, because there are now new leaks about the Apple Watch 3 and it could be coming out real soon. Here are the possible specs and features of the Apple Watch 3:

Body Design And Display

The Apple Watch 3 is said to feature a 1.65 inch square display that is covered with either a platinum or liquid metal case. It will also have a thinner design which many fans will definitely love, given that the current models available are somewhat "bulky" in terms of fashion sense. It will feature a Tapic Engine motor that is capable of converting energy into motion and create vibrations to send alerts or notifications to the user.

For its display, it will have a sharper screen. Also, it is said include a camera as well to make FaceTime calls possible. However, that is still a hush-hush feature for now. Let us just hope that Apple shares some of the iPhone 8's high-end specs and features on the Apple Watch 3.

Platform And Features

The Apple Watch 3 is said to run on Watch OS 4 or 5. There will also be a number of upgrades and options regarding its Health and Fitness features. One thing notable of this feature is that it will have a refined heart rate sensor. If you are wondering whether it will still have a waterproof feature like its predecessor had, there is a high possibility that the Apple Watch 3 will have that also.

Battery And Price

There are no leaks yet if the Apple Watch 3 will have an improved battery life, but fans are hoping it will. And as for its price tag, tech analysts predict that the retail prices of the Apple Watch will not be the same as the Apple Watch 2 and will be $20-$30 more expensive.

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