iPhone Ferrari: Apple's Flagship iPhone of 2017? Possible Specs And Features Revealed

iPhone 8
A fan-made iPhone 8 concept. Photo : Several Gaming & More/YouTube

The possibility of Apple launching a 3rd iPhone model next year has gotten stronger with more leaks getting out. This time, the unnamed iPhone is codenamed as "Ferrari" by the latest leaks about the iPhone 8.

About The Device

Last month, I was reading articles regarding the iPhone 8's rumored specs and features. At one of the articles, I noticed that one of them was saying that Apple will not only be launching 2 iPhone models, but 3 instead in 2017. The 3rd model was said to be a premium model (some even say it is the flagship) which features the best of the best specs and features that Apple has to offer.

It was unnamed at that time, so I decided to call it "iPhone 7s Pro." Weeks later, more articles and YouTube videos started to talk about the possibility of a 3rd iPhone model and was called the "iPhone 8 Pro" until a new leak emerged about the unnamed iPhone. Here are the possible specs and features of the iPhone "Ferrari" or iPhone 8 Pro:


Tech enthusiasts believe that the premium model will be expensive compared to the other iPhone 8 models. Also, it is believed that the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus' price will be that similar with the Samsung Galaxy S8 which is expected to cost around $810. So if the iPhone 8's retail price will be around $700-$800 and the iPhone 8 Plus will be around $850-$950, we can assume that the iPhone Ferrari could hold a retail price of $1,000.


By now, we have all read the reports that the iPhone 8 models will feature an all-glass design and a major redesign for its home button which will be a software-based home button dedicated to the screen display. However, there will be things that the iPhone Ferrari will only have. About the all-glass design, all models will have it, but the only difference is that instead of aluminum frames, the iPhone Ferrari will sport stainless steel frames that we see on the Apple watches.


This part is tricky, because on the early reports, the premium model (iPhone Ferrari), was said to feature AMOLED panels, but was later reported to have OLED panels instead. Now, on the latest leak, it suggests that the iPhone Ferrari will most likely feature AMOLED panels. Screen display type aside, the iPhone Ferrari will sport a Quad-HD screen display of 2560 x 1440 pixels. Like its software-based home button mentioned earlier, it will also feature a have a fingerprint scanner on the display screen.


The iPhone Ferrari will either run on the latest iOS currently available today or possibly something even higher. For its chipset, reports suggest that it will be powered by an A11 Fusion chip, which is said to be 4- percent smaller, 30-40 percent better in performance, and has 40 percent less power consumption compared to the A10 Fusion chip. And for its RAM, it is expected to feature 4 GB of RAM.


The iPhone Ferrari is said to feature the same rear camera specs of the iPhone 7 Plus, but a little bit upgraded. Well, the upgrade is that both camera lenses featured on the rear camera will have optical image stabilization. The device will also probably have a much greater performance in low-light conditions.


One of the most anticipated features for the iPhone 8 models is the wireless charging feature which many had hoped the iPhone 7 series had. It is reported that Apple has been conducting tests regarding this feature, but is still far from being perfect. What we do know is that users will be able to charge their iPhone from a distance of 5 meters from the charging device, pad or unit.

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