Here's How Determined Nintendo Is In Eliminating All Copycats

By Gen Que , Dec 24, 2016 04:40 AM EST

After a long time of keeping its silence and allowing Pokemon copycats to proliferate on the Internet, Nintendo has been sending a strong message how serious it is in taking down the games that cash on Nintendo's popular games, such as Pokemon.

The first step that Nintendo made as it launched its crackdown was to shut down Pokemon Uranium, the biggest and longest fan-made Pokemon project. After that, it banned all players who tried to pirate and play an early copy of Pokemon Sun and Moon. Now, the latest to to taste Nintendo's wrath is Pokemon Prism, another fan project created by Adam Vierra.

Pokemon Prism, like Pokemon Uranium, has been in development for almost eight years and features more than 200 Pokemon, a new story, and a new setting. It was first launched on Twitch in October allowing players to get a taste of it before its scheduled release, supposedly, this month of December. With Nintendo's crackdown, however, it won't hit the market anymore.

According to Vierra, Nintendo sent him a message through their lawyer requesting him to shut down the project. He posted a copy of that letter on Twitter and Facebook. Even the website was closed down bearing a simple message of thanks and a link to the takedown letter from Nintendo.

Aside from the letter, Vierra also expressed his apologies for and own up to his mistakes. He said that all the blame is on him adding that he shouldn't have made the trailer and finish the project earlier. He also berated himself for being such a perfectionist referring perhaps to the wrong presumption that nothing wrong could happen.

He also said that he would look further into the situation hinting at the possibility that he will not completely abandon the Pokemon Prism altogether. However, he did not provide further details what his next step will be.

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