Pokemon GO Guide: How To Prevent Crashing Of Game After Installing Recent Update

By Joseph S. , Dec 24, 2016 11:10 AM EST

A growing number of smartphone owners are getting peeved with the way Pokemon Go has repeatedly crashed in the middle of a game. Both iOS and android users seem to experience the same problem. Their servers are also getting into the habit of going down as well. Fortunately, some people have developed a fix for this problem.

Android Users Are Fortunate Since They Will Get Their Fixes Earlier

This fix will hopefully get rid of the crashing problems so players can continue enjoying Pokemon GO. Android users are fortunate since they will get their fixes earlier. Some say Apple is usually slow in such matters. A solution formulated by some users can help those who are affected by this Pokemon GO problem.

One Android user recommended that players should download the former APK (Android Application Package) and then roll it back to update 0.49.1. Another Android user said he was able to fix the crashing problem of Pokemon GO  in two ways. One way is to change the GPS locator and the other is to modify data usage. However, this solution is only applicable to certain types of Android models.

There Is No Particular Way The Problem Can Be Solved At The Moment

From these recommended fixes, it could be seen that there is no exact way the crashing problem of Pokemon GO can be solved. It can be recalled that crashing problems have also plagued the game some five months ago. At that time, Niantic issued an update that tried to solve the game's crashing problems, among other things.

This crashing problem of Pokemon GO must be resolved soon to prevent the growing dissatisfaction being felt by players towards the game. One player complained that every time he tries to throw a ball, the screen of his mobile device freezes thus missing his chance to catch the Pokemon. Another player said the Pokemon GO game he is playing just kept on closing for no reason at all.

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