Tasmania Seal On The Loose, Damages Car

By Ayin Badz , Dec 26, 2016 01:13 AM EST

The enormous Tasmania seal, who roamed around suburban Newstead, near Launceston, Tasmania. It weighed 300kg, citizens were advised to stay away from it. Mr. Lou-seal, is a male mayward seal that came up from a nearby river.

After spending the morning alarming residents in the area, "Mr. Lou-Seal" as they named it, slept on Penquite road. "Chilling out," is how the Tasmania Police, Sgt. Renee Stewart, described what Lou-Seal was doing. 

The Tasmania seal, fell asleep on the driveway. While Mr Lou-seal was sleeping, the owner of the Toyota sedan, managed to start the car, and drive it away from the seal.

The neighborhood was very curious about the seal, but did not dare to get near it. Sgt. Stewart said that, it was good, that the neighborhood did not go near the seal to prevent more damages and keeping the seal calm, and safe.

When Mr. Lou-Seal woke up, it climb up the vehicle, a Toyota sedan, causing damage to it. After damaging the vehicle, the Tasmania seal then searched for another spot to take a nap.

The Tasmanian seal is now safe, and soon to be released in the wild, after a careful medical check-up.

According to fox25boston, Tasmania Police, thanked the citizens, for keeping themselves away from Mr. Lou-Seal. Lou-seal is now in the custody of the Parks, and Wildlife Officers.They also stated that, Mr.Lou Seal is now a sealebrity, and will be released after a medical check-up.

Mr. Lou-Seal might have came from a nearby river. The Tasmanian seal was tranquilized to prevent more damages in the area.

Tasmania is located South of Australia, along with small other islands. According to the The Australian, the specific thousand dollar damage, on the Toyota sedan, was on its wind screen and roof. Police correspondent, Sgt. Renee Stewart, stated that, they needed extra police officer, just to carry Mr. Lou-seal.

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