Triangle UFO Sightings: 'Alien Ships' Seen In Multiple Locations

Strange triangle UFO sightings are causing distress across the globe. The most recent was reported from witnesses in Chebba, Tennessee, on Wednesday, Dec. 21. At least 21 sightings of these so-called "alien ships" have been recorded by the US-based Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) in the past three weeks.

The initial reports came from Columbus, Ohio, in late November. It was followed by same triangle UFO sightings in Reno, Nevada, Illinois, Los Angeles, and more. The witnesses reported a similar description of the UFO -- large, nearly perfect triangle aircraft with three large spherical lights -- which alien believers connect to extraterrestrial beings.

Some experts believed the triangle UFO sightings are not connected to aliens and just misidentified military planes or Chinese lanterns. However, reports from witnesses proved otherwise. Eyewitnesses described that it was larger than any man-made planes they have ever seen and was moving very fast at a low altitude.

"I looked up and saw a triangular shape moving at a high rate of speed," a witness from Elk Grove, California who reported the triangle UFO sighting on Dec. 18 said, cited the Daily Express. The witness added it has thin dim lines which highlighted the triangle and huge lights with halos on the corner. Meanwhile, the witness from Tennessee showed a picture he snapped off the alien ship.

An anonymous report also came to the National UFO Reporting Center (NUFORC) from a witness in Jerseyville, Illinois which gave the same eerie description. The witness said he was driving from work when he saw a fast moving large shaped object in the sky. He added that it was too massive to be a military aircraft.

"Near perfect triangle 3 solid huge lights," the witness described the triangle UFO sighting, according to Inquistr. "It went from my left to my right. In a matter of seconds [it was] out of sight heading west and [it] looked like it was leaving Earth."


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