Aliens On Mars: UFO Hunters Notice 'Spoon'

Are there aliens on Mars? A photo circulating on the internet seems to prove so. Alien hunters have noticed a giant spoon of on one of the pictures taken by the NASA Mars Rovers which triggered speculations about the existence of alien civilization on Mars.   

This is the second time that a spoon was seen in one of the pictures of Mars. Previously, netizens also spotted a similar object in a Mars photo. The spoon looks almost the same size as an ordinary spoon but had a triangular end. In the past, alien hunters also spotted possible evidence of life on Mars like gold rings, alien gloves and other artifacts believed to be used by aliens

The images were first documented in a YouTube channel, UFO Hunter. It then spread like wildfire to alien believers. There are speculations that the spoon in the photo is just an optical illusion but alien hunters believed they are proof of a lost civilization of aliens on Mars.

Speculations say  this civilization which perished long ago were intelligent and well-mannered. As the spoon shows their table manners. Previously, a scientist said there could be an intelligent alien civilization on Mars which was wiped out due to nuclear war.

"Given the large amount of nuclear isotopes in Mars atmosphere resembling those from hydrogen bomb tests on Earth, Mars may present an example of civilisation wiped out by a nuclear attack from space." Dr John Brandenburg, a US-based scientist said, cited the Daily Express.

Alien hunters went on to speculate that these aliens have the same physical size as humas. "This one shows that the beings that used this spoon had hands similar size to our own. That would make them our size, how cool is that?" alien hunter, Scott C Waring said according to The Sun.

Amidst all speculations of aliens on Mars, NASA is preparing for a manned mission on the so-called red planet. The "Journey to Mars" mission includes years of data collection. Meanwhile, NASA is also studying the use of hibernation technology in the manned mission which is expected to launch in the 2030's  

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